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How to Buy?
  1) Search by yourself
2) Make suppliers find you

Search by yourself

1.1 Search suppliers
As a popular search, write the keyword you are looking for on the keyword input box and click "Search". When you know keywords clearly, it is a fast and easy way to search for.

By browsing selected categories, you can easily search for products, trade leads, and companies.

1.2 Contact Suppliers
You can send an inquiry immediately when you find product catalogs or trade leads of your interest. Please send an inquiry message for product information, price, samples, and etc. You can also use Inquiry Basket to send multiple inquiries to suppliers.

Make suppliers find you

2.1 Post Buying Leads
To have suppliers to contact you, you need to post buying trade leads. You can post buying trade leads in Trade Leads in My SM160.

2.2 Check inbox
Please check "Inbox < Message Center < My SM160" regularly for messages sent from suppliers.

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