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1. DIY webpage
  • Set up is as easy as creating a Words document;
  • We offer you unlimited and instantaneous updates;
  • We provide vast storage space – 100 pictures of your products with unlimited text;
  • Besides displaying your products, you can post trade leads, corporate news, recruitment news etc.
  • You can arrange your products into groups for better presentation;
  • You can circulate your trade leads to our 100,000 strong members;
  • You pay only HK$500.00 per year for all the above services;
  • You can earn handsome rebates from us if you join as a Promotion Member.

2. Personalized webpage design
  • You can choose one out of 54 professional and dynamic designs; No.1,No.2, More...
  • You can insert your company's logo and pictures of your headquarters and CEO.
  • You can modify your home page banner.
  • You can update your data and information instantaneously online.

3. Bilingual edition
  • You can have a website covering both Chinese and English. This will help you to market your products internationally.
  • With respect to Chinese, we automatically translate traditional Chinese into simplified Chinese eliminating the language barrier between Mainland Chinese and overseas Chinese.
  • Click here to see our bilingual website demonstration..

4. TrustPass features
  • In order to avoid fictitious companies to register as our members, we always request and encourage our members to send us a copy of their business registration certificate for verification. Members who follow this procedure will get a TrustPass from us to identify from other members whom we did not verify. This TrustPass service is only granted to our Premium Members.
  • You will receive a TrustPass stamp from us to be displayed at your website
  • You will enjoy a much higher level of trust from both buyers and sellers
  • You will enjoy priority ranking with our search engine
  • We will display your products from time to time under our industrial sector front page

5. Multi-media marketing
  • Promote your products and display your corporate strength using your website;
  • Insert your website address in your name cards and packaging material;
  • Participate in trade shows;
  • Join as a Promoter Member to help you to establish and enhance your own business network;
  • Through SM160 circulate trade leads to its 100,000 strong members.

6. SM160 - your friendly and sincere business partner
  • We provide all year round service;
  • Our technical team loves to answer and assist you to solve all your technical problems;
  • We look forward to receive your valuable comments to better improve our service.

Functional differences between Free Membership and Premium Membership:

Service projects Free Membership Trust Membership Promoter Membership


0/year 150/year 150/year
Secondary Domain Name
International Domain Name - + +
Web Size Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Products show 5 100 100
Video exhibition - + +
Trust file -
China version - + +

Relative functions

Visitors statistics
Replacing template -
Independent menu making -
Independent lists making -
Membership Registration - -
Membership management - -
Trade cart - - -
Company Info.
Contact us
Selling & buying offers
Visitors' messages
Recruitment of talented personnel
Traditional input/query
Upload Logo & Images & Banner -
General Manager Introduction -
Enterprise BBS - - +
Relative ads - -
Website investigation - - -

Successful stories

Styles demonstration Sample: (1) Sample: (1);(2);(3) Sample:
Remarks: ()paid   (-)unpaid   (+)extra fees needed

Others: If a independent domain name is need (e.g.: WWW.COMPANYNAME.COM), you may login for our international domain name (150RMB/year), or apply by yourself. In case the postfix of your mailbox being your own domain name, for example, XXX@COMPANYNAME.COM, extra 50RMB is needed to be the opening fee.


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