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Promoter Membership
  A Promoter Member enjoys all those facilities provided to a Trust Member (see Attachment 1). At the same time, a window will be provided at the member's website enabling it to recruit more members and SM160 shall pay handsome referral fees and bonuses to reward efforts made by the Promoter Member (see Attachment 2).

Attachment 1 Facilities Enjoy by a Promoter Member:
  • Provision of a 100M mail box
  • Free membership for for one year
  • Unlimited posting of trade leads and collection of enquiries
  • Priority treatment for trade inquiries
  • Provision of a Trust Account
  • Freely amendable columns
  • A vast choice of website templates
  • Display of up to 100 products and services with pictures
  • Priority treatment in front page promotion
  • Provision of a 'Registration Window' enabling the Promoter Member to recruit members online. Details of members recruited and their payment status are provided online for the information of the Promoter Members.
Attachment 2 Computation of Referral Fees and Bonus:
1. Referral Fees =(membership fees paid by members introduced by you)X 25%

2. Bonus =(Earnings, including both referral fees and bonus, of members introduced by you) X 10%

SM160 provides great business opportunities, work hard and enjoy your rewards. We estimated that you may comfortable earn HK$50 to HK$100,000 of referral fees and bonus every year.

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