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Medicine, Health, and Environment

· Medical Garments, Pads, and Dressings
Gauze, Bandages, and Plasters
Medical Gowns
Surgical Masks
Surgical Gloves

· Pharmaceutical Raw Materials
Vitamins and Hormones

· Herbal Medicines
Dehydrated Animal Organs
Gums, Resins, and Rosins
Vegetable Saps and Extracts
Live Plants and Roots
Foliage and Plant Parts
Incense and Joss Sticks

· Cosmetics, Makeup, and Perfumes
Essential Oils
Essences and Bases For Perfumes, Colognes, and Toilet Water
Perfumes, Colognes, and Toilet Waters
Makeup Preparations
Wigs, Hair Weaves, and Colorings
Powder and Facial Cream
Nail Care and Artificial Nails
Manicure and Pedicure Products
Massage Products

· Others
· Medical and Surgical Instruments
Knives and Scalpels
Syringes and Needles
Dental Drill Engines
Eye and Optometric Equipment
Electrocardiographs, Magnetic Resonance and Ultrasonic Equipment
Ultraviolet and Infrared Machines
Dialysis Machines and Defibrillators
Respirators and Lie Detectors
Crutches, Splints, Artificial Teeth, and Joints
Hearing Aids and Pacemakers
X-Ray Machines
Surgical Catgut and Sutures
Dental Fillings
First-Aid Boxes
Surgical Tables and Medical Furniture
Test Tubes and Incubators
Dermatology Instruments
Massage Instruments

· Finished Medicines, Drugs, and Pharmaceuticals
Human Blood
Antibiotics and Penicillin
Sedatives, Tranquilizers, and Antidepressants
Tablets, Capsules, and Ointments
Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

· Soaps, Shampoos, and Personal Hygiene
Soaps, Shampoos, Toothpastes, Shaving Gels, and Creams
Cotton Diapers and Paper Diapers
Facial Tissues and Toilet Paper
Sanitary Napkins
Cotton Balls

· Environment
Waste Management
Water Treatment

 Related Categories
· Business Services
Financial Services , Information Services
· Agent
agent for computer & software , agent for chemical products
· Cooperation
IT projects cooperation , chemical projects cooperation
· Stock
stock computer products , stock of chemical products
· Process
computer products processing , chemical products processing
· Second-hand
second-hand equipment for computer products processing , second-hand chemical products equipments

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