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Home and Office

· Home Lighting and Lamps
Chandeliers, Ceiling, and Wall Lighting@
Desk, Bedside, and Floor-Standing Lamps@

· Furniture
Sofa Beds
Wooden and Metal Sofas
Wooden Chairs
Metal Chairs
Bedroom Furniture
Plastics and Outdoor Furniture
Dining Tables
Bamboo, Cane, Rattan, and Teak
Swivel Chairs
Mattress Supports
Pillows and Cushions
Quilts, Comforters, and Eiderdowns
Bookshelves and Cabinets

· Kitchen Appliances and Kitchenware
Electric Ranges
Electromechanical Domestic Appliances
Stoves and Microwave Ovens
Knives and Electric Knives
Scissors, Can Openers, and Bottle Openers
Spoons, Forks, Tableware, and Kitchenware
Pots, Pans, and Cookware
Household Tableware, Kitchen Porcelain, and China
Glassware and Crystal
Water Dispensers and Water Purifiers

· Security and Safety
Bells, Alarms, and Sirens
Smoke Detectors, Burglar Alarms, and Emergency Lights
Fire Extinguishers and Sprinklers
Locks and Safes
Child Safety Seats
Security Cameras
Self-Defense Products
Workplace Safety Products

· Office Furniture
Office Wooden Chairs and Desks
Office Metal Chairs and Desks
Office Wood and Metal Cabinets

· Stationery and Supplies
Brochures and Leaflets
Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Bibles, Technical, and Scientific Textbooks
Maps, Atlases, and Globes
Unused Revenue and Postage Stamps
Stock and Bond Certificates, and Checks and Banknotes
Postcards and Greeting Cards
Catalogs, Printed Promotional and Trade Advertising Material
Pictures, Designs, and Photographs
Diaries, Address Books, and Photo Albums
Account Books, Receipt Books, Memo Pads, and Notebooks
Business Forms and Interleaved Carbon Sets
Carbon Paper
Envelopes, and Writing Paper
Pens, Fountain Pens, and Pencils
Paperclips, Thumbtacks, Ring Binders, and Staples
Scissors and Letter Openers
Files, Folders, and Sorters
Compasses, Protractors, and Slide Rules
Display Boards, Billboards, and Bulletin Boards
Tapes and Glues
Knives and Cutters
Calligraphy Inks and Brushes

· Hotel Products
Cleaning Equipment
Specialized Utensils

· Baby Products
Bathing Products
Nursing and Feeding
Toys and Safety Products
Strollers, Carriers and Car Seats

· Hand Tools and Do-It-Yourself
Chain Saws
Spades and Shovels
Power Saws, Hand Saws, Cutting Tools, and Blades
Pliers, Bolt-Cutters, and Nippers
Wrenches and Spanners
Hammers, Screwdrivers, Chisels, Files, Planes, and Hex Keys
Knives and Cutting Blades
Staplers, Fastening Tools, and Pneumatic Hand Tools
Nails, Screws, and Rivets
Ratchets and Sockets
Vises, Clamps, Fasteners, and Hinges
Drill Bits, Power Tools, and Accessories
Garden Tools

· Decorative and Household Items
Radiators, Windows, and Doors
Wall Clocks and Other Timepieces
Parquet Floor Coverings
Ceramic Tile
Paper Floor-Coverings
Vacuum Cleaners and Floor Polishers
Mops, Brooms, Brushes, and Featherdusters
Paint and Varnish Brushes
Electric Irons
Clothes Hangers and Coat Racks
Mirrors, Wall Shelves, and Railings
Air Purifiers, Solid and Liquid Air Fresheners

· Bathroom Products
Ceramic Wash Basins, Baths, Bidets, and Sanitary Fixtures
Plastic Bath and Shower
Toilet Paper
Paper Handkerchiefs, Tablecloths, and Towels
Toothbrushes, Shaving Brushes, and Hair Brushes
Razors, Razor Blades, and Electric Shavers
Hair Dryers

· Paper and Packaging
Carbonizing Base Paper
Corrugated and Packaging Paper
Cartons, Boxes, Bags, and Other Finished Packing Containers
Coated Paper

· Office Machines
Facsimile (Fax) Machines
Graphic Plotters
Video Projectors
Paper Shredders and Pencil Sharpeners
Stamps and Inks
Typewriters and Ribbons
Book Binding Machinery

· Office Lighting
Desk, Bedside, and Floor-Standing Lamps

· Pet Products
Pet Products

· Others

 Related Categories
· Business Services
Financial Services , Information Services
· Agent
agent for computer & software , agent for chemical products
· Cooperation
IT projects cooperation , chemical projects cooperation
· Stock
stock computer products , stock of chemical products
· Process
computer products processing , chemical products processing
· Second-hand
second-hand equipment for computer products processing , second-hand chemical products equipments

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